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Minaki, Ontario Fishing Resort Cabin & Cottage Rentals Photos & Videos

Muskie Manor

Muskie Manor Bedroom

Muskie Manor Living Room

Muskie Manor Dock

Muskie Manor Kitchen

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Muskie Manor Dining Room

Minaki Trapline Cabin Rental

Minaki Trapline Kitchen

Minaki Trapline Bedroom

Minaki Trapline Deck

Minaki Trailhead Cabin Rental

Minaki Trailhead Kitchen

Minaki Trailhead lakeview

Minaki Trailhead Deck

Minaki Boathouse Cabin rental


Minaki Boathouse Bedroom

Minaki Boathouse Dining Room

Minaki Boathouse Deck

Minaki Barnacle Cabin Rental

Minaki Barnacle Dining Room

Minaki Barnacle Bedroom

Minaki Barnacle

Minaki Fishing

Best Walleye Fishing in Minaki

Best Fishing Walleye Minaki

Trophy Walleye Fishing in Minaki

Best Fishing for Walleye in Minaki

Minakis Best Walleye Fishing

Minaki has the best Wayyeye Fishing in Ontario

Best Trophy Muskies in Minaki

Minaki has the Best Muskie Fishing

Fishing for Muskie in Minaki


Minaki has the Best Northern Pike Fishing in Ontario


Best Bass Fishing in Minaki



Minaki and Lake of the Woods Wildlife

Minaki Wildlife::Snapping Turtles

Swimming with Ducks at Sunset Point Minaki

Minaki Ontarios Seagull Rock

Minaki Wildlife - Loons

Minaki Lakes Wildlife Pelicans

Minaki Bird Watching

Minaki Ontario Eagles

MInaki Wildlife

Minaki & Lake of the Woods Cottage Life and Activities

Relaxing on the Dock at Sunset Point Minaki

Sunset Point Minaki's Cottage Life


There is nothing better than hanging around the cottages at Sunset Point Minaki. Sunset Point has many things to keep you, your friends, and your family busy. Our guests spend their time Kayaking, Boating, Water skiing, Scavenger Hunting, Hiking, Biking, barbecuing, laying on the beach, sitting on the dock, and much more. On the rainy days guest will play a family board game, or watch movies.

Minaki Ontario Hiking Trails

Looking Iver Boat Launch at Abby Road

Boat Launch at Sunset Point Minaki

Birch Island Restaurant Minaki Ontario

Strollig alomg the Boardwalk

Fireworks at Minaki

Cottage View from the Water

Minakis Best Cabin Fishing Resort

Kayaks at Sunset.jpg

On the Water in Minaki

Lake activities are one of the best ways to spend time at Sunset Point. Fishing, Boating, Swimming, kayaking, water skiing, tubing, laying on the beach, and much more. 

Boating to Sunset Point Minaki

Boating on the Water at Minaki Ontario

Boating to Best Fishing Lake of the Woods

Sandy Beaches at Minaki Ontario


Beaver Dam in Northwest Ontario

Minaki Hiking Trails Scenery

Minaki's Historic Power Station

Sunset Point Minaki Boat Launch Marina

Landscapes Around Minaki

Minaki's Old Train Bridge

Sunset Points Landscapes

Lake of the Woods White Pines

White Dog Dam Minaki

Panoramic of Sunset Point Minaki

Boat Rally Sunset Point Minaki

Flowering Lily Pad at Sunset Point Minaki

Northwest Ontario Flora

Lake of the Woods Flora

Wildflowers in Minaki

Minaki Hiking Trail Scenery

Hiking in Nortjwest Ontario

Echansia Flowers in Minaki

Minaki Flora

Flowers in Lake of the Woods

Northwest Ontario's Blooming Fields

Lake of the Woods Hiking Trails

Flowers Around Minaki

Mushroom Picking Northwest Ontario

Ontario Mushroom Picking

Mushroom Picking in Minaki

Lake of the Woods Picking Mushrooms

Northwest Ontarios Mushrooms

Mushroom Picking Adventures Kenora

Lake of the Woods Mushroom Picking

Mushrooms on Trees in Northwest Ontario

Minakis Mushrooms

Clamshell Mushroom Picking in Minaki



Sunsets at Lake of the Woods

Ontarios Sunsets and Fishing Resorts

Sunsets from Minaki Cabin Resort

Best Fishing Resorts Minaki Ontrario

Fishing Lodges Sunsets Minaki

Northwest Ontarios Sunsets

Sunset Views in Sunset Country

Sunset Point Sunsets

Fishing Resorts Northwest Ontario Sunsets


Sunsets at Sunset Point Minaki

Lake of the Woods Fishing Resort Sunsets

Sunset Point Minaki Sunsets